Responsible Parenthood Results into a Responsible Future Holders

Lucky parents who have good children
usually have lucky children who
have good parents.
- Anonymous -

I found this post on a social media and it gave an Idea and a little inspiration to talk about parenthood. I am not a parent myself yet. But books and other people's experience helped a little to see how hard and how to deal children when it comes to parenting.

Disciplining a kid is a hard thing to do since, a parent sometimes might not know when is too much or when it is too little. A kids mind especially to those who are becoming a teenager could be sometimes a little rebellious most of the times. I too have undergone such stage.

My Observation: Kids that have a little rebellious behavior or awkward traits towards the other kids, especially in their family are sometimes being left out inside the house or has a little attention or bonding with their parents. This greatly affects the emotional state of the kid. Since they are given less attention inside the house, the tendency is that, they will seek comfort to the other people outside of the house. Influence of other unwanted behavior may be caught up in there. 

My Suggestion: Parents should make at least have a time to eat each other during lunch or dinner and make it a habit. Study shows that the more time the parents have to talk about things with their kids, the more their kids are likely to be disciplined in a much better way. Taking time to get the tickle bone of their kids is their goal to start having a bond. This could be done by any parents. If they want to have a good family, a good children, it sometimes depends on their initiative.

Sometimes, the Kids' behavior really starts at home - What the kid see and hear - and to their parents. Sometimes, the kids of today are not the one at fault on why they have such characteristics, they are just misunderstood and is searching for something that they didn't have. Effort should be done by both the mother and the father to teach them what is right and wrong and to have a bond with them, A solid bond.

This article is just a product of my subjective means of seeing what is around me. I may not know much and you could correct me if I am wrong, just e-mail me or comment if you have any reaction or something you want to discuss, I am open to new learning. 



  1. Wait till you become a parent. They'll bring you so much joy, but you'll also age pretty darn fast.

    I write a parenting-based blog, and it talks about this topic, too.

    1. Yeah, I read some of your posts and it made learn a lot from parenting, Though a 19-year old boy is not yet ready for such responsibility.