A Thought for Kairosoft Games

To track back, it is almost a year when I discovered the games of kairisoft and immersed myself for hours and hours of playing the fabulous management simulation game ranging from school, hotels, malls and even raising people and different creatures.

Now here are my thoughts and review about the different games that I played and are currently playing.

At Class Playing A Class within a Pocket Size Academy

The first game that I played among the kairosoft games, entitled "Pocket Academy", it features building your own academy and train and educate your students. Help them land a job or get into college. What makes me play the game for three or more months is that, I have to rank as the best academy in the game and make a graduates of well educated students. It was a really fun game and I could really recommend the game to anyone. Why? Pocket Academy is a great simulation allowing you the power over a school. Customization is also one of the best quality of the game allowing you pick the students outfits and more. The game has a lot of depth with so many aspects to boost your stats and cash. There are multiple ways to experiment with your research points, either to grow your students or to build up a facility is in your hands.

The downside? If in a point that you think that you have done everything on the game, there are times that you will find yourself not wanting to play a game or continue your game.

But other than that, the game is really addictive and could make you play for a lot longer than I find myself playing the game before I feel that there are no excitement anymore. I would really recommend the game for you.

Been on A Mall? Then Build your own Mega Mall and Tell You Story.

The second game that I really loved about the series is Mega Mall Story. Building your own mega mall is a nice story and the competition against other Mega Mall nearby could really make you look like a manager or a CEO of a mall. The competition, the investment, and the fun of seeing people buying the items of your shop until stocks run out can be very pleasing and relaxing knowing that you are having a good time with all that thinking and efforts just to make millions of money every week! Sometimes, while playing the games makes me wonder, what about if I am a Manager or a certain mall in reality? Maybe I'll be swimming on money too! There is a story on the game, there are competitions happening, and you are aiming to be the only mall in the area. That would be your motivation when it comes to playing the game.

Trying out for Mayor? Then Venture to a Town on Your Games!

One of the games that I found hard to begin with but easy ones you have the hang of it. Venture Towns Offer a variety of landscapes for you to try out and challenges you to build a city of dreams. Very much like a game of Sim City and other City Building Simulation game. But this one can make you look over to your screen for hours! There are different buildings to discover, make your people happy, let them earn more money and improve their lifestyle by selecting the best job for them. Make your town as big as possible and make castles for your residence. There are many challenges for you to face when playing the game. Got me going for months or replaying the game to achieve a score and a city that can satisfy my self criticism.

Looking for RPG? Try Some New Dungeons Near your Village.

The Kairosoft game that reminds me of old school Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda is the game called Dungeon Village. If you are a fan of different RPG Games, then you are familiar of how to make your character the best fighter, warrior, magician or any other class or jobs in the game right? Then how about growing a good fighter of Thirty individuals at the same time? Plus, Build a village on where your tiny warriors could stay with leisure? Would that be a game that will make you stay for a longer duration of hour? For me it is. Though, there isn't much of challenge when you are done with the monsters and items, what could make you play the game for a long term basis is to watch your warriors master a specific class and transform them into one of the strongest force in the game system. There isn't much of the story too that could lead you into a time where you are left out of nothing to excite yourself into playing the game further. But overall, the game is good, and I could totally recommend the game to anyone.

Well, there are more Kairosoft games on wait for me to play for a review. Like, Hot Spring Story, Beastie Bay, Dream House Days and more! What about you? What are the Kairosoft games that you played and loved? You could tell me a story of it you know.



  1. They have another simulation game that's all about your life as developing videogames. I forgot it's name... but it's by Kairosoft. Definitely