Benefits of Training and Joining in a School Organization

Since the start of the campaign of our party for the management of our local school organization, since I spread the word of the training workshop and having a text brigade to our members, there have been a lot of questions regarding how the training works and what are the benefits of being a trainee or even being an officer in a school organization.

Student organizations are essentially a necessary part in building a great community within the campus and outside. There are different organizations such as writer's club, dance and theater groups, and other more organizations and associations that a certain school has. Since there have been a lot of questions regarding the training, I have come up an idea of compiling them in a single post and also summarizing things for easy understanding.

Benefits of Joining a School Organization

There have been multiple benefits in joining a school organization. What I will put in here is based on my own experiences for being active in our organization at school for four years.

1.) Meeting More People

Joining and being active in this kind of group can help you know more people around the campus. Not only the students but also the teaching and non-teaching staffs that comprise educational institutions. These "new friends" or "contacts" can or will help you in times of needs and can be a good friend in a long term. We also know that having new friends means having new kind of fun and experiences

2.) Gain Knowledge is not offered in the Four Corners of a Classroom

Yes, teachers and books can give us the multitude of knowledge, but to properly use that kind of knowledge, we need to apply it to real life or it will just be useless inside our head. Application and experience are one of the greatest teachers that a human can have.

3.) Opportunities for Development

While inside of the organizations, opportunities for activities, seminars and training will be there for you to develop your communication skills, leadership, social skills, management and more. This kind of experiences can help you grow and stand up as a good and moral person. What else, you can know how to budget or even build your own event when the time comes. The opportunity of new learning and experiences will always show up in these organizations.

4.) Beautify your Curriculum Vitae

By being an active student, you can add more flavor into your resume or curriculum vitae on which majority of the company is looking - fresh graduate with experience. By adding your experience in your duration of stay in your organization, your CV or resume can look even better in your future job application.

5.) Building Up Networks

Different organizations can have different events from seminars and much more! When this happens, some organizations look for different sponsors and meet new people for their event. This could also add up your network and connections inside and outside of the school premises. This really helps in your long-term goal.

6.) Stronger Leadership

Each officer is a leader of their own. They lead their members into the right path, so, if you think that your leadership skill is a bit lacking, then you can train yourself and develop your leadership skill in your local school organization. Different activities call for differentwork and experiences. With that experiences, you can know what kind of leader you are and how capable you are as a person.

7.) More Confidence

If you lack the confidence to talk to other people and about yourself and you need help, your school organization can help you with it. By joining on their activities, you can boost your confidence level little by little, slowly but surely.

These are the things that could come up to my mind and have been proven true based on my personal experience. If you have doubts, you can join an organization and be active and see for a while on what it is doing it to you. They say that it is a bad thing, but I say, it could only be bad if you don't love what you are doing and you don't make yourself disciplined.

Surround yourself with people who seek knowledge and knowledge will come to you shortly.



  1. Many things you can learn when you joined school organization, how to associate to other people you learn to share your ideas, listen on what others opinion.