Tips on Moving out from your Parents After Finishing College

This has been a talk of the class since all of us will be graduating after a series of submitting reports, researches, and the non-stop internship programs, by the next year. My classmates starts talking about, what are their plans after graduation and I heard someone said that he'll be moving out on his parents right after graduation. this take me into a thought that, how does one effectively move out from the support of your parents or being an independent person?

Honestly, it's all about practicality on how you handle yourself. For me, I could only think about at least five tips on how to move out fro your parents after you finish your college studies. But first, you should notify your parents first for it might turn hard for them the fact that you are leaving them after all those years.

So maybe I'll gonna start out what I learned and has given a thought after a while.

1.) Find A Stable Job

Of course, since you are living now on your own, you gotta have something that you can use especially for your bills and other expenses in your life (especially your needs). have a job that you know that will last and can give you real income. Don't fret for having a small paying company that you have, you know, there will always be a term that we call budgeting.

2.) Build up Savings Account

Having able to make a savings account can really help you budget your way up for your daily to monthly expenses. I could recommend you having at least three savings account for your savings, one for your daily expenses, and lastly, one for your wants or for your leisure. When budgeting your Earnings, I see fit that you save up 10 percent for your leisure, 50 percent for your daily expense and 40 percent for your savings. That way, you could monitor how much you are spending and how much you are saving from your income.

Of course, have some discipline when saving. This could be hard at first, but as you get used to it, it will be easy as drinking a glass of water.

3.) Drugs is a Big NO-NO

See what I capitalized there? That is to emphasize that taking drugs will never do you good. It affects all of the things that you are working hard. And what's worse? When a friend or your family had a sudden visit to you and found out that you are having drugs. The results might be, you may end up returning from your parents care and freedom will be lost from your life again.

Freedom has it's own equivalent responsibilities that we should take into mind at all times.

4.) Learn How to Cook

If you want to have less cost to worry about, cooking your own food is the best possible option for you rather than buying one at restaurants and fast food chains.

5.) Be Clean

Who even wants to live on a place full of garbage right? Well, being clean shows how you handle yourself in most of the situation and it reflects your personality. So before thinking to move out on your parent's care, try practicing cleaning your room and try to be neat. It'll help you a lot for sure.