Getting the Good and Best Staff

One of the hard part of the recruitment that I observe so far is getting a "package" person for the job available.

This becomes a burden for the recruitment team when the CEO or the managers of each department asks for a replacement or a new employee for their sector all of a sudden. Selecting a good applicant becomes a battlefield when you really need to search an applicable person that is just right for the job.

Sometimes, we end up recruiting the half decent applicant just to fill in the vacant position ASAP. Or end up wasting precious time to interview and screen potential applicants even if the position is greatly needed. Either way, both can be a real bad for the company.

Some of the smart way that I have researched during my free time on the department is that most businesses start looking for a good people before they need them. At industry events, parties, and by reading the newspapers.

Some recruiters ask their connections if they have a kind of applicant they might be searching and is listing them in their handy notebook and contact them if they have the opportunity to contact them. By gathering a list of excellent people in advance, we ensure that we not only get the better applicants but also complete the hiring procedures more quickly and thus saving your precious time and effort.

With a stiff competition to get top performers, which can be counted with fingers,  recruiters need to put a lot of effort in dining and wining with them before other top performing companies get a hand on them first.

The reality is that, great companies are a little more than a collection of the great people that many industries needed to be one of top performers in the industry. In fact, most outstanding corporations like San Miguel here in the Philippines became excellent because of only a handful of their staff.

Just like what Bill gates said before, "take out 20 best people from our us and I tell you, Microsoft would become an unimportant company." It is true, even in small groups during our high school days, the reason that our teachers would mix
in the good ones and the bad ones is that there will be someone that could function better and would bring a group into the top is because there is someone leading them. If you take that person out in that group, the group will surely fall.

Early preparations to get the most satisfactory employee is one of the key factors to get the key players that will move the company that you are working at. Before you need them, look for the team that you will be needing in the near future. Since we don't know what the future holds, it's better to catch them before they're looking for a job. And even before your competitors get them first.

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