Things I do During Travel and on Commute

Sometimes, taking a commute in the Philippines can be real tough. Why? Because of the heavy traffic that the avenues and roads are experiencing. Even the Rapid Transit system is overloaded! Sometimes, I just spaced out on the bus waiting for the traffic to flow again and then I imagined that I wasted around three hours worth of possible productivity and development for myself.

If I am on the road when going to the site where I am training, it takes around an hour worth of wait on the road and when coming back home, it becomes two whole hours because of the traffic and since it is the so-called "rush hour" when the clock struck 5 pm.

If I could exactly use those three hours of unproductive commute time into something that will help me to develop myself, it would truly help me in the future I think. If I am that productive during the commute, then I have a little work for me left to be done in my room. I would have time to socialize and time for a long rest.

These tips I made myself might be simple for me now but it is hard doing it at first! But I do it for self-development and it is a good chance to do something while traveling.

1. Charge up Before Setting Out

Since I do mostly of the things that I needed to do on my smartphone including contacting my friends or co-trainees for the things that we needed to do and to update my current location to my friends.

I don't also want to lose my music for the long commute time especially if I would be riding public vehicles!

So it is advisable to charge up all the things that you'll be needing before you go out especially if you are dependent on things electronically just like me.

2. Don't Forget you Pen and Notes!

As someone who loves to write down things that I see or even experience or to express my thoughts in writing, I always bring out my notes and pen to write something on it to take note what should I be doing, and what kind of article that I'll be writing on my other blog sites especially here on my blog!

Even if sometimes the road are not that good, I just continue writing something there just to cherish every little moment that I am experiencing and what I am learning on the road. It is just like a note of a student.

3. Reading a Book even on Short Travel

I love reading! That is why, to get most of my time reading, I usually spend my time reading even if the vehicle is full just to do something on it besides from looking out at the scenery. Of course, the book I usually bring with me are pocket sized or small one that contains mostly of short stories, I still have the opportunity to expand my vocabulary and understanding about something that I love to know about.

Sometimes, I also read at Wattpad to improve my imagination and expand my stories!

At the start, I brought a dictionary and some small encyclopedia and I feel a little embarrassed, but for the sake of learning, I was able to get past that embarrassing moment. Nerd activity right? But it greatly helps me, by boosting my confidence when speaking with other people in the training site.

4. Write By Hand

I love typing and by typing, I get most of my work was done. (With around 40 to 50 words a minute) but sometimes, I tend to use the pen and paper when writing. By this, I likely to exercise my fingers and it is a lot faster to write something rather than using my smartphone to take note of everything that is needed to take note as well as to open the app that contains the notes.

5. Always sit at the Isle

Most people would want to sit near the window or somewhere where people would not pass easily. Since most of the buses here in the Philippines would be stuck a hundred of people in a regular bus, they tend to sit where they would not be troubled by the bumps and stuck during the trip.

By I always wanted to sit in the aisle so that when I arrived at my destination, I would get off easily and not trouble other passengers at the moment. It was a rough ride first, but it helps!

6. Drink a Lot of Water Before the Trip

Since, getting a ride gets harder every time the clocks gets closer to rush hour, the tendency is, you are dehydrating before even you get a ride back home or even getting to the place you are going too. You may think that it will make you feel that you want to go to a toilet but it is better to be energetic before you ride back home.



  1. Mobile app and games can really be handy on long trips.