Playing Brave Frontier

I have been a huge fan of RPG games ever since I can remember, and while searching new RPG besides the traditional Final Fantasy or Suikoden inspired games, I stumbled down one awesome game on Android Play Store.

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I am not much fun of some Android RPG games on which you collect cards, fight some monsters and such and then, that's all! But, there have been some changes when I saw Brave Frontier. Though it may look like it was one of those card collecting games on which you need to evolve the monsters and heroes that you can get to make them stronger, this one offers something that made me hook up. There was a good story behind every character, game play can be a little easy and simple, but there is one thing that made me play it until to this point.


Brave Frontier introduces an elements system which acts kind of like the traditional rock paper scissor where fire beats earth which beats lightning which beats water which beats fire. Also there are two additional unit types of dark and light which simply just good against the other. Units also range in rarity from common to mega rare and these units can be captured either by random chance after defeating them in battle or by summoning them through 2 different systems and even to evolve them. As for constructing a team it is usually best to make a team consisting of units that will be strong against the area of the quest you are in all the way up to the 7 area which has units from all the different elements so you should diversify for that.


I love anime so much, and since the character designs looks like it came from anime, i fell in love with it. With it's bright colored surroundings and cool colors that have been used, it is easy to play with. The only drawback is that, most of the graphics is kind of repetitive and that kills the excitement of playing the game. But overall, I think that It might be a good thing to use such kind of colors, specially if it is anime-ish style.


Ok, Let us not compare this game's music on some good games like Final Fantasy. That would be an  overkill to Brave Frontier. It has a good music, but later on the game, it can be a little repetitive since it has only a few and you're going to play it in some points specially if you are farming to have a good team.

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There are few things that I love on Brave Frontiers. It would be a daily event that ranges from money-farming, monster-farming and item-farming. Each day there would be different events on the Vortex and could help you each time you are going to play the game. Which by the way has become more common to most games on smartphones like Chain Chronicles and other games like this.

The second one is that each units are given with one special attack on which you can level up when the proper conditions are met. And you can actually use it quiet a few times when you are in a certain quest or battle. What more, that certain special ability can be leveled up too and can be devastating to enemy groups.

To sum things up, I could as well enjoy the game and to as well try to collect all the characters if I can. I am enjoying the game so it may also stay to my phone until I get lazy to play the game or ended up giving the game up since it was getting boring but that is not the case because I am finding it interesting with all the different challenges and events they are bringing out. If you are looking for a really nice game, I recommend this one. Hopefully, this game will stay with us for a long time.