Importance of Blogging for Students

There are a lot of people who blogs here in the country. There are those who blog for money and those who blog for a hobby. I am on the one who writes for a hobby.

As a student, there are a lot of things that I need to learn as well as to improve on my knowledge. There is various research project and as well as to take into research for different reporting in the class. While at it, students tend to just forget what they learn.

Students should take a consideration about starting their own blog. It doesn't have to be a specific niche or do something that they really love. Not just as a hobby but as a platform to improve them.

I have few reasons why Students should blog as follows:

1.) Student Voice

Many students in the country don't have a voice, even though they are the ones who can save the country from falling down. As students, they may be a little inexperienced and lack knowledge about a certain topic, but if they start blogging and start researching about a specific field, they can learn faster than most adults do.

by blogging, they have the freedom to voice out what they have in mind. Each opinion matters and most of all, they can be heard by different people, on which can bring realization if not for the majority, in a group of people in the country.

2.) Becoming a Better Writer

Even though for example, a career path of the student doesn't really needs that much writing, they will be needing that writing skill in other aspects of life. Of course, before you can write something good, you are to read something first, while reading, you gain knowledge in that specific field. Thus, you have already improved many aspects of yourself, if you write more and more. Not just writing, your language skill can also be improved.

3.) Updated and More Knowledge in a Field Taken

It's true, there are many things that your current book lacks information about certain things. On which research and blogging can fill. Even though a student graduates, he can still be updated if he continues his blogging.

4.) Mutual Learning in the Field

So if a student should take a specific niche on the topics that he is comfortable with, for example, in Human Management, on which it is also a part of his college major, then, by blogging, he could actually take part in the discussion within the classroom. It also helps the teacher by taking the insight of the student.

5.) Improved Confidence

Blogging is my stepping stone to let the world know that I want to share my thoughts and my stories. Yes, Facebook and twitter helped me voice out my ideas, but by blogging and writing here on my personal blog helped me to know different values and as well as to gain knowledge about the things that I am interested. It also served as my notebook to boost my confidence when speaking with other people.

Now, I am on various website writing things that I want to share like Bubblews, Tumblr, and Wattpad.

There are more reasons as why students should start blogging. Not just because it is popular, but because the benefits that it will give to them.

If you are planning to start one, just remember the good practices about blogging and you can be what you want to be.