Finding inspiration on Little Things

As a writer, we could use some experience to make our works real. Sometimes, we end up being in a rut or as we call it, writer’s block on which we can hardly ever think of something to write or the state on which we cannot find the inspiration to write what we wanted to write.

If that happens, we often feel the helplessness to make that writer’s block go away. We often do things that we think could help, but could actually help at times. We have our different way of getting out the rut so we try to look at other’s way to inspire their selves.

But what if our own technique as well as the other’s technique won’t work? Well we restart at the basic of how we get inspiration to write.

What do I do in this kind of situation? I have a few things to keep me inspired and I’m just going to share it with you.

1.) Get Some Good Sleep

They say that the brain could function better at night so that is why; people stay all nighters just to do some work that could help them. But this time, if you are having some hard time thinking on what to write next, maybe you need to take a break and have nice sleep. Taking a break can ease up your brain to be able to function again.

2.) Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning

Sure, a coffee or milk in the morning is good but try to drink cool water. It helps the body to relax itself first and prepares your mind and body for the activity that you are going to do for the day. Just don’t forget to eat a breakfast.

3.) Sweat Up

Exercise is a good thing if you want to wake your body up. There are a lot of activities that you could do to produce sweat. For me, I do yoga at times, sometimes, I jog, and sometimes, I just take walk around towns just to see things in different perspective. It could also give you some sights that could make you inspired for the time being.

4.) Interact with other People

I believe in one line in Anime that says that for a writer to make things real, he have to experience what his or her character should be experiencing. For example, if you are writing for an athlete character, you should at least experience how hard that sport is. But for this time, listen to the story of the people around you. Interview them; ask for their feelings and experiences about what happened in their life. List it down and then, try to imagine and retell the story with your character in it. Then, you will see the magic will blend itself with it.

5.) Listen to the Nature’s Music

This seems to be a little poetic but it works for me well. There are times that when I am writing a draft and nothing good comes into mind, I go out of the house to go at the seaside where I can hear the birds chirping happily as well as the waves crashing on the coral barriers. It works really well and makes me be creative on how these peaceful sounds can be turned into romance.

As I said before, there are many things that you could do to make you inspired. These five points helps me a lot. Try it too if you they can help it and tell me what you experience or if it really helps.

Getting inspired on small things is one the things that could make me happy during my summer days specially if I am stuck on the house doing nothing or being the sales clerk of our shop. Could this also be your own happiness? Share your story at my Facebook Fan Page.
Image Credit: Maria Nenenko