Self Motivation: How Jerwel Motivate Himself

They say that motivation doesn't really exist. It is just the way of making your own mind take your actions like “I can do it”, “I think I can still do it”, and “I am still doing it”. Or, you are just on the edge of your fear or intense desire to make you move. So that means, is that, we can get motivation for ourselves in the thin air whenever we wanted to since we always have a desire for something. I mean, we are human after all right? We wanted this, and that, and make use of our own desire to get them.

Do you want to have a good body? A healthy lifestyle? A certain kind of Ability? Or a talent that you've always wanted? But there is this one problem, you don’t know if you can do it, or you have been doing it but you are stopping a lot of times because you have no strong desire for your goal. Well, do not worry, that too is human nature that we will never be able to remove. But don’t you see? Those models with good body didn't just get the motivation from their trainers, they also motivate themselves.

Don’t make me wrong, I am also on my road to get a good body and healthy lifestyle likes those in the runway. And I don’t go to a gym or does have a personal trainer like anybody else. There are times that I get lazy doing workouts and even reading a book I wanted to learn. But From that point, I made a regime or a series of motivation, negative and positive motivation, that will help me to achieve those goals I set for myself.

We’ll start with the Good Ones:

1.) Reading Motivation Quotes

Yes, reading something to motivate you can actually make you work. You can post it anywhere that you could see around your room. Or else, why not trying to make a wallpaper that is all about motivation? As for myself, I make motivation quotes on my smartphone wallpaper to remind that I have a book to cover or a workout to finish this day.

Where could you find one? There are tons on the internet, just download the image and you’re set to go. Try searching at Tumblr since there are a lot of nice motivation quotes that I also found there and you might as well stumble something really good.

2.) Personal Pride

While having too much pride is bad, there are also something good about it. Try thinking of your future when you achieve that goal of yours. Does it feel good? Does it make you proud of yourself achieving that kind of goal which you think is hard at the start? Everything is hard at first, but when you are in the swing of it, then you can find if easy. And while you are it and you are getting at your goal, it will be much easier.

3.) Give Yourself a Reward after Finishing Something

A little treat for yourself when you finished a level. It is something like a bonus for reaching that finish line for stage one and another for stage two. Just make sure that you don’t cheat yourself. That could be bad.

What could you give yourself? Well, for example, you are working out to lose some weight; you could reward yourself a little sugary treat if you lose a pound you set for yourself. A little delight could make you motivated. Try making a calendar or a chart about your rewarding. Just make sure that you really do the thing that you wanted.

4.) Be Positive

You can’t finish something if you are negative in your own day. Even if you think to yourself that you can’t do it. Prove that mind off yourself wrong. Let it fuel your rage to achieve the goal you have been set. And when you do, make sure that your mind thinks otherwise before saying that you couldn’t do it.

Be happy in what you do and enjoy every second you are doing. You won’t find it hard when you are enjoying yourself. You could end up playing with it. Just be positive, always.

Now that we are done with the positive side of my motivation, now let us try the negative. I don’t really recommend doing the negative motivation, but if it could help you, then you are one good self-motivator.

1.) Set Punishment

You have a goal, and having a goal will definitely give you a plan on how to reach it. And on that plan, we have this checklist, right? So, check at the end of the day if we completed the things that we should have done. If you missed out that one, add that one missed activity for the next day. And if at the end you weren’t able to finish all the activities, punish yourself with something like, not eating something sweet for the whole week or, you won’t spend money for the whole month.

It could be bad for you, but you have done something really nice at the other side of that negativity.

Well, there you have it. I always use this five motivation techniques to myself whenever I am down and there are no one motivating me to do the things I should be doing since I only work out in my own room. If you think that this helped you, write down your experience on the comment box and let us discuss something about motivating ourselves.