Tips on Preparing for the Long Versant Exam

In the Philippine today, one of the leading and still growing industry in the country is BPO or known as being a Support Professionals or SP, or if you want to the common term is being a Call Center Agent. It is still growing and is one of the factor that brings revenue for the country. According to the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), being a Support Professional or Call Center Agent is one of the "Hottest Job" that brings about enough income that can support even your own educational needs. 

The demand is high and analysts says that it could grow bigger as the years pass by. But getting in as an agent is no big joke. Yes, majority of the Filipinos knows how to speak English well, but the level of the required skill for English communication to be able to work as an agent is really high. Because all of the Centers needed to be able to bring out, if not standard, a higher level of service they can give for their clients in the US, Australia and even to Europe.

Sample Long Versant Test
Of course, there will always be tests you need to pass to be able to work as one. One of the test that most people I knew or have seen taking, dread about is the Long Versant Exam or the English Communication Test over the phone on which you are to tackle a six part exam that will test how well you understand and how well you speak English. I actually tried it before and I made a post about it on Bubblews and decided to put it here so that you can read the instruction for it. "I tried English Versant Test"

But don't fret, there is a way to pass the Versant Exam. And from here on, I'll tell you guys on how to pass the exam.

1.) Practice in the Mirror

Though it may just be a test, practicing your English in front of the mirror can actually make you notice the things that are wrong with your communication. It can also boost your confidence on speaking on a phone and on public speaking. So you are actually hitting two birds with one stone right?

2.) Listen carefully to English Conversations

One of the most integral part of the exam is to listen very closely to the voice recording that a machine will produce. Sometimes, it can be a little low and sometimes it's loud. So you really need to open your ears about it. Watch English Movies and listen to the conversation. Are you able to understand what they are saying? Or even better, can you hear each words that they are saying. If you can hear it correctly, then good for you.

3.) Read

One part of the test will test you on how you can read an English sentences. I know you can read, and probably saying, "Why does Jerwel want me to practice reading again?" Well the answer for that is reading with the mind will always have a difference when you are reading aloud. Try reading out loud, is your articulation correct? How about the pronunciation? If you are sensing that there are lapses about it, look up the dictionary and practice reading out loud.

A part of exam will also test how wide your vocabulary is, so it is a good thing to have a big bank of words.

4.) Practice Conversing In English

Ask a friend who is really good at English to make a conversation with the both of you and ask him to correct you each time you pronounce a word wrong or a lapse in the grammar. It will help you in the future as well as to boost your confidence about speaking in English.

5.) Relax

The examiner might sound like the test is real hard and can make you nervous, but relax and breath. It won't be really hard if you know what you are expecting and you are prepared. Just make sure to make that call when you are ready and listen carefully. Breath every now and then so you can relax yourself and bring out the best in you.

Well, that basically it. If you are going to apply as a Call Center Agent, one of the test that will appear on the assessment will be a Long Versant Exam. So I suggest you prepare. Remember, don't go into a war without a gun and ammunition or you will be one of the casualties.