Type of Wattpad People

There are a lot of Personality on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Let's admit it. It what makes us unique and a way to show the world how we can voice out our own opinion in our own unique way.

I have a little list here that shows the different person on Wattpad and how they move as well as interact with each other.

Now, let's start.

1.) The Mainstream

One of the most popular type of people on Wattpad. Every country or every group has one. They like what other people like. They try to be "On the Light" kind of situation where they can talk with anybody who has already read the story and is talking about it. Even though it doesn't really interest them at all. They have to read what is being on the trending right now, and after reading, they'll tweet it sooner so that they can show that they are in.

Writers who are new to Wattpad are sometimes being pickled like sardines to gain followers and reads before making their own story, but sometimes, they ended up making stories that are still the same with somebody else.

Cliche, redundant, and most of all, unoriginal sort of person. But who hates a good cliche story right?

2.) The Ghost

They know you. They can See your every action, but you can't see them. They are the Ghost. They don't vote, they don't comment, and they don't talk about your stories But deep inside, they are having a fangirl/fanboy moment on their room while reading your story.

Sometimes harmless, but most of the time, a little creepy. Especially when you found out that your friends are one of them when they blurted out about your story in the blue.

3.) The Fandom

The Fandom is a group of people having an intimate relationship with someone they have a crush on, but in sad reality, they cannot even see them or touch. They sometimes write and read stories that put them in place of the main character to satisfy the cravings for that certain person, may it be One Direction, a Kpop Artist or even Justin Beiber (I don't see any Fan Fiction Story about him, though).

They are sometimes the meanest person you'll ever know, especially if you say something bad about their fandom. They appear to be an angel, but will chop you into pork chops when you get on their bad side, I mean, in their life.

4.) The Grammar Soldier Nazi

This mighty warrior often gets a lot of hate just by voicing out their opinions about how wrong the grammar of a certain author has. They can see it all. The punctuation marks, the spellings, the capital cases, the formation of words, and many more than I can cite that they believe to be wrong.

They can be good most of the times by offering to help you edit your story, but this is the internet, there are a lot of jerks out there who will be the one to point out your bad flaws and say bad stuff after.

5.) The Plagiarist

They are the vilest and evil type of person in the world of Writing. They copy the works of other people and they just change the name of the characters, tweak a little the content of the story, make a major revision of the title, and there we have it, they have an instant story that they didn't even made an effort to think about ideas and the story line.

Often mistaken as The Mainstream, you could only identify them after you read a certain number of books and knows what are what.
We must always be aware of the Plagiarist lurking in the shadows.

6.) The Judge

There was a time on Wattpad that there is hardly any writing contest. But now, you can see them every now and then. And usually, the ones who initialize the contest are the ones who we call "The Judge"

Sometimes, they are just harmless as we could ever think, but when do they job, they really do judge a story- in both bad and good way.

7.) The Attention Seeker

Now, they really are one of the most popular people on Wattpad.
They always make a status update about something, that sometimes, we don't really care about. They usually put up an open-ended status update about something that most people get curious about.

One of the symptoms of an Attention Seeker on Wattpad is that they always say "We'll be having an update on *insert story here* by this date and this time. Do you know what will happen?"

Yes, I know, you already knew some person like that and yes, that person might as well be an attention seeker in the world of Wattpad.

8.) The Beggar

I know you already have an idea about this one. And yes, Beggars are the ones who desperately ask for a vote on their story or an entry in a contest so that they can show off to other people that they have a lot of votes.

It's not bad to ask for votes or comments, but don't do that regularly. Votes and Comments will come if you have good content. Do you have a good Content? (Looks at works)

Do I have a content? Can you Tell me?

9.) The Babies

You can sometimes see it on their prolog, or on their profile, and sometimes on their status on Facebook, Wattpad Forum and Twitter.

"Hi, I'm Newbie Here. Can someone show me Around?"

"I'm Newbie at Wattpad, please be kind about my first story."

Sometimes, we just wanted to make Newbie Here feel good about starting out on writing on Wattpad, but, come on, most writers and readers will know that you are a newbie, by the way, you make a story. Oh, by the way, My name is Jerwel, welcome to Wattpad Newbie Here.

10.) The Ultimate Sharer

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more! You will see them flooding your feed about a story they made or the story that they really love.

They are the Ultimate Share. They will quote a certain phrase on their story and BAM! You can see it flooding your feed. Sometimes, they will tag you on the picture of the book cover of their story and says, how's my story? Or Sometimes, can you tell share this to your friends?

The Ultimate Sharer is one of the common people you can meet on Social Media. They have the "marketing skills" for their story. Yes, like TV Commercials, you will see their posts ever 15 minutes or less.

Did you see your personality on Wattpad above? Did I miss anything? Comment down your answers below and let's talk about it.