Ayala Malls Pokemon Go Lure Drop Party Craze

It hasn't been a week since Pokemon Go was finally available in the Philippines, and now, we have this crazy event that will be held by Ayala Malls who are known to have a structural design of malls which are modern and has a unique flavor to it with the gardens and the greenery themes.

I must admit though that this event will be crazy and for sure that the malls will be packed with shoppers and trainers alike. So packed that an introvert like me could go crazy with all the people around.

Though it is not sure yet if all Ayala Malls throughout the country will participate in the event, but there is one thing for sure, with all the Ayala Malls being placed on Metro Manila, it is no doubt that majority of them will be joining.

Lazada Philippines

But security is also a concern, an event like this where you bring out your phone for a long period of time will also mean business for the modern team rocket of Pokemon Go. Hopefully, the Malls will also make a way for the security of the trainers and shoppers alike.

Will you also be coming to the party? Tap my back if I see you and tell me what you think. Don't forget to share this with your friends!