Final Fantasy Mobius Android Game App Review

I have been a fan of Final Fantasy ever since I was a kid and the games I played so far are all good. But upon the release of another Final Fantasy Game for Android I was excited to play it. But how did it fared so far?

Final Fantasy Mobius is set on a world called Palamecia. Now where did we heard that? Yes, you remembered correctly, it's the world that Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy XIII set in. I wonder if the developers of the game are thinking of any other name for a world and they ended up using the world for the third time? It's not that it is bad or good, but the repetition of using the same name for the world is kind of bland.

So, to make the plot a little more summarized, You, as the player, wakes up from this dream-like state where you are plunged into the world of Palamecia, with almost no memory of your early days. And an entity name Vox is talking to you about your fate and the fate of the world, and will be guiding the Blanks, which Vox named to the Players as a general term, to be the legendary Warrior of Light.

Left with no option at the beginning, you set out on an adventure to becoming the Warrior of Light and save the world. Meeting different characters like Mog the Moogle whom you saved from monsters from being eaten, Garland, Princess Cornelia and Echo that kind of adds spices to the story.

That's the gist of the story and since I am only starting out for the first impression, that I think will last, the story itself is kind of repetitive again. Like the protagonist trying to save the world and while at it, has to figure out what he wants in his life. But other than that, I am hoping to get some better climax or side stories that could par the previous titles of Final Fantasy.


Not researching the team that developed and created the game when I first downloaded and played it, the music gave me a little nostalgia from the previous Final Fantasy installment that I played a year back. Now that I had time to read the cast of the game, I saw a familiar name. Yes, it's Mitsuto Suzuki, the one who worked for the music of the Final Fantasy XIII series. I think that was a good thumb up for the game.

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Game Mechanics

Playing Final Fantasy Mobius is easy and the instructions that are given at the tutorial is also easy to understand even for players that are fairly new to the gaming system for Android playthrough. The game itself is combat oriented and all you have to is to tap the screen and let the player dash and strike through the enemies. Easy enough right? To add up a little spice for the combat system, they added they called "Elemental Seeds" that acts as MP for the skills that you have from the ability cards that you get from the monsters as a loot or as a reward. And the Ability cards are divided into different elements, like wind, earth, fire and water and the weakness and strengths of these seeds are just like rock, paper, scissors so it is easy to remember and take note what elements are best from the other.

While not on a battle, you can actually move around the world of Palamecia by selecting the nodes of the area you want to travel to. But traveling around isn't as easy as it sounds. Because to travel from one area to the next, you have to engage yourself in a mandatory battle with the monsters in that area. If you ask me, it's better that way to grind up experience.

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If you are looking for a Final Fantasy game that has a deep story to it, this game can be a little disappointment because like the other games on Android like Brave Frontier, the game has a to-kill-time casual game to it. And based on experience, it really is just a casual game on that note. But who knows, since the release, there are a few chapters available and the impression on the game can change after a while.


And like other free to play games on Android, there is a stamina system that will limit on how you play and if you want to play longer than the available stamina you have, you have to buy elixirs for it, very much the same as other games for smartphones.

I can give Final Fantasy Mobius a 3 star out of five for now. Who knows, maybe it'll get better as I get stronger and deal with the story on the future. I am just hoping that I don't get bored with the game soon.