Fire Emblem Fates Music Review

I know this is not your ordinary Game Review, but ever since I started playing Fire Emblem Fates and heard it's music from its opening scene until the end, it made me liked the game more. Just because it reminded me how well made the music of Final Fantasy is. But if you will ask me what I liked more, I think, I'll the music like Final Fantasy more than FE Fates.

Though the story and graphics of Fire Emblem Fates is one the best that I saw for the whole installments and more properly well played from Fire Emblem Awakening. And since the gaming blogs around the internet are full of Fire Emblem Fates Game Review as a whole, I decided to at least make a review of the music of the game. Because hey, the music also makes a movie or even a game great!

Opening Theme - Hanging Balance/Ties That Bind

For me, one the most things that can make me excited to play the game is the Opening Scene. This goes to on watching Anime or TV series from western culture. I know that most people skip through this. I do too and guilty of it, but for this particular opening scene, I can't really explain myself as to why I very liked it. Maybe because of how epic the scenes and the animation that seems perfectly fits the music. it also has the eastern feel with it, despite how most of the instruments that were used are western instruments. But that doesn't matter. And if you are just going to feel the music, then I know how you what you can feel about it.

Lost in Thoughts All Alone

One of the songs of Fire Emblem Fates that made me love the game more. I just loved how to mellow the song is but also delivers a message of how the story is. It somehow sounded like a lullaby and it made me want more. As far as I can remember, maybe this is the first one that the Fire Emblem series introduced us to an installment that has a song on it. If there are any from the previous Fire Emblem games, then maybe I missed those.

But I must say, the singer, Rena Strober, who also voiced Azura of the said game, did an amazing job with the song. And the song fits perfectly to her! Just listened to her cold voice! It's an amazing combination of great lyrics and voice.

There is a few more great music that Fire Emblem Fates has to offer. And listening to it all, it can give you the inspiration to start a novel. Or an additional story or side-story for the novel you are making. Like what happened to me, I just listen to the different Soundtrack of the game and I get inspiration and translates the music and incorporate that translated story into my works.

Overall, what I liked about the music and the soundtrack of the game is the feel of it. It has the Golden Sun feel to it, unlike to the previous music scores of the past Fire Emblem games, this one really tells a story. It speaks to you in a way.

Sometimes, it's not all about the graphics that makes a video game good. Sometimes, you just have to listen to the music as well. Just because a game without music can be bleak when all you can hear is the standard clicking sounds of the options you make. Music can bring out the best of graphics like movies, tv series, and even anime.



  1. wow, this game is really interesting.. first of all, the graphics are superb.. i wasn't expecting it to be in 3D.. i love how they managed to mix those Anime-style to an impressive 3D environment... the music is indeed very nostalgic.. it reminds me of FF series too.. this is playable on what game console??

    1. It's playable on 3DS and yes, listening to the music also reminded me of the Final Fantasy Series. And I must say, Fire Emblem Fates really do feel like it is an Anime now that you said it.

  2. I'm not familiar with Fire Emblem Fates but I agree that music also contributes to the overall experience when playing.

  3. The graphics are really detailed. You are right music plays a lot in a games success.

  4. wow the graphics are interesting , but I am not really into games. My nephews would surely love this game :)

  5. The graphic is indeed awesome.Would love to play it out.

  6. I'm not familiar with this but you are right, the graphics and music are awesome.

  7. I'm not familiar with this but you are right, the graphics and music are awesome.