7 Ways Preventing Energy-Slump After Lunch at Work

If you are working in an office desk, or if you are just a simple student attending your afternoon session, then one of the relate-able thing that might have happen to all of us is the feeling sleepy or slum of energy spike you have after eating your lunch. I know, I am experiencing it now as of writing this post. And we all experienced this kind of slump more than once in our life so far.

Our internal body clock can be one of the culprits. Or it could even be that you stayed up late because you have to finish a certain project either for your school or work. But is there a way to beat that kind of slump? Of course, if there is a problem, there will always be a solution and solutions are much better than the problem right?

So, how can you keep that eyes closing while in a meeting, work or class from closing and take you to a peaceful slumber?

1.) Eat Breakfast

This is one of the best thing that you can do to start you day and keep your day on a run. Eating a balanced food with lots of carbohydrates and protein. Drinking just a coffee or a milk or chocolate drink isn't enough. So eating something lean meat plus greens are one of your best options. But if you can't prepare it in the morning, you can always prepare your things or the food in the night before you go to sleep.

2.) Get Up and Move, move, move!

Try standing up and take a walk to the corridors, or even yet go out of the office building using the stairs and breath some fresh air for a while. It will help you to shaken up your body and wake you up. Personally though, it's not much a help especially if you lacked sleep, but it is one of the quickest way to do it.

3.) Sleep Early

As much as possible, I always tell my partner to sleep early even though he doesn't feel sleepy yet. That is because, lack of sleep just doesn't make you feel sleepy in the afternoon, but it has an adverse effect in your health. So as much as possible, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

4.) Clean Up Your Space

One of the things that can make you feel lazy and tired at the same time is the scene where your desk are all around the place and papers are falling to your floor because of cluttered desks. Though research shows that it actually shows creativity, still, the fact that you feel slumped is because you have some messy stuff going here and there. Clean it up and make yourself clean. That extra activity will help you wake up because you are actually doing something instead of having your eyes glued in your screen.

5.) Pump Up The Music

One of the things that make me awake during after lunch work hour is that I always listen to music. Just make sure though that you are following your company's policy about that. I you can't play it on loudspeaker, then play it with your headset or headphones. And just make sure that you cans till hear people calling you and the phone ringing. Because that won't be pleasant.

6.) Stretch Those Muscles

This is one of the easiest way to wake up your drowsy muscles. Stretch your hands or your feet. And even your neck. A two to Five minutes of muscles stretching can you up because blood pumps again at your body. And it's also a quick assessment that you are still fit.

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7.) Enjoy Your Coffee/Tea Time

I do this all the time. I always bring with me a packet of Tea whenever I am going to school or to work. This is just to make sure that the warmth of the tea plus the bitterness and sweetness of the flavor can wake my senses up. Specially my brain.

How Did I do?

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  1. I remember I attended a tour last Saturday. And before the tour was a long lecture about the company and I just can't help it. My eyes were begging me to take a nap. We just had lunch then. Thanks for your tips. I will remember these to help my head from falling off and save the kind organizers from offerinf coffee. Perhaps they saw my head fell off from a distance. Ehehe.

  2. This isn't my common problem. I'm the type who doesn't feel sleepy during the afternoons even if I want to. That's the time I usually work because my kids are napping then. But I agree that coffee and moving can help those who are sleepy at this time.

  3. Does tea help? I drink it to calm myself before going to bed. I'm afraid I'll fall asleep instead of waking up. I'll probably try it to limit my consumption of coffee.