The Aswang Project: A Guide to Filipino Folklore

There may be a lot of Filipino Folklore sites around the internet if you tried to ask Daddy G about them, but there is one specific site that caters different kinds of Filipino Folklore around the country, and that is "The Aswang Project."

Image Credit to Jap MKL

As an aspiring writer, there are a lot of things I should read and should know if I want my stories in Wattpad or in InkItt to be good. And of course, reading other people's work will be beneficial to us, and the same goes for blogging.

But what caught my eyes about this one, is how the author documents them and not only creates visual through words, but it makes you want to immerse in reading them. I know because, honestly, even as a Filipino, I am not that interested before about Filipino Folklore that much, because they are often just scary stories to scare children to sleep or to make them behave. But as soon as I read their articles, it got me thinking, the stories and the contents about them aren't just to scare kids, it's there to make lessons about life. To know what true horrors the Philippines can bring to its own people even before the Spaniards come to colonize it. And most of all, it teaches more to life about how to live a life of simplicity and with grace.

Image Credit to Anushbanush

If you are going to search thru the internet and Daddy G about sites who dedicate their contents to Filipino Folklore, you'll see some of them are just sites to what are common knowledge to Filipinos, but if you want a more in-depth information about different Folklore Creatures and stories, from Ilocos, Mindanao, Visayas, they have them. And putting them online in a manner that will make the readers want for more is something I don't see to other sites.

Though I am not really sure if their information can be used for study purpose, on which I want to ask as of this writing, but so far, it can be used as a presentation and an idea on how Filipinos before interacting with different mythical creatures of both good and bad.

You know, sometimes, it's good to see things like this on the internet. I just wish that the site will gain more recognition, not only to writers and artists but also to the very government. Not only to encourage other people from doing their own research, but also to show that the Philippines, like Greece or Norse, or Egyptian Mythology, we too have a really rich culture of colors, romance, tragedy, epic and most of all, intriguing mythology like those of another country.



  1. Interesting site! I think I've come across it before because some of the artworks featured are really good. Good luck on the road to becoming a writer! I say just keep on reading, anything, but be very careful. I would say read more books than online content because books are edited and proofread at the very least, and that's very important. :)

  2. I have always found history interesting, and the Philippine history and culture is definitely not an exception! There are so many things that learn about, such as how they discovered aswangs and all the other why questions. Haha!