High School of the Dead Manga Creator Daisuke Sato Passed Away at 52 - What of the Future of HoTD?

Upon learning that the Manga Creator of High School of the Dead, Daisuke Sato passed away last week, I can't help but ponder as to why there are many manga artists that pass away at such an early age and with a great talent to boot. Of course, I was saddened that another part of an Otaku's life had passed away, but it may come selfish of me, to think first, what will happen to the series of High School of the Dead that ended up in hiatus back in 2013?

As well all know, we were left on a verge of another arc in the story. The new arc debuted in April 2013, but we were left hanging as to what will happen next. I can still remember checking the Manga, in your everyday manga site, for every week, every month, and every quarter of the year to just make sure that I will not be able to miss out a new chapter coming out. But even after all that waiting, we were left with nothing. No news about it or what will happen.

But it may be selfish of me thinking or talking more about the manga, rather than the artist himself, we must not forget that if such person didn't exist here in this life, we may not be able to watch something awesome, and with a great plot. Of course, not the plot you were thinking of. But the story itself.

Looking on the bright side of the story, we may expect that Co-creator, Shoji Sato could have continued the series at any time. We may think that during the time that Daisuke Sato is still living and he was thinking that he could no longer continue, Daisuke Sato may have talked to Shoji Sato about the continuation of the story.

But then again, there will be a downside to that. Let us first think that it has really been a long time that there are no updates regarding the manga. And most of all, unlike Hunter x Hunter, there are updates even if it's months apart. But in the case of High School of the Dead, it is very unlikely that there will be a continuation. And thinking about it, it's just fair. And I would understand if the series would just stop all the way.

We must all remember that such a talented artist died in a relatively "too early" years of his life. And the question on whether or not High School of the Dead would continue must be left for the mean time. Here I am hoping for the continuation. But let us all be humane and give ample time to the family of Daisuke Sato to mourn and grieve for their loss. And with that, together with my condolences and sympathy.