5 Life Skills That Needs to be Integrated in Philippine High Schools

We all now live in an age where everything is accessible with the help of the internet. Not only that everything is accessible, but things change very fast. But what about the important aspect of every human being when facing reality and the responsibility of being an adult. Now, due to my current work, I realize a lot of things in the Philippine Education System. It is stuck and becoming stagnant.

Now, I am not here to find faults with the education system of the country. and just take note, I am not some expert in education, but it came to me, upon taking a research on our curriculum for Senior High School because of work, I realize some things that are lacking that can prepare the students, after graduating College or start working after a TESDA course or, after Senior High School. If you want, after reading this post, you can visit the site of the Depart of Education and see for yourself what are the life skills that the curriculum does not possess.

What I saw during my research is that there are at least six types of life skills that are necessary so that a student, after finishing his schooling, can face a new life in the adult society without any worries and fears. And if there are any, to at least alleviate such things. Sure, math, English, Filipino, and science are important, but what's most important in this age are the following.

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Overview of Taxation

Tax is the lifeblood of a country. And the saying goes. This is one of the most important things that students should learn at the earliest possible time. Preferably during their high school years. It can help them understand where their taxes would go, how would the government use it, how to file their own tax as mandated by the Bureau of Internal Revenue(BIR), the implications of not paying the right tax and so on.

Understanding how to file a tax and pay the corresponding amount will help the student, after graduation, to have a better understanding of how the process in the BIR comes and goes. And the student will be facing the adult society, prepared and knowledgeable about their taxes.

Government 101

Social Security System, PhilHealth, Home Development Mutual Fund or also known as Pag-IBIG, and other government service related knowledge should be one of the priorities of the Education System in the country to teach in High School.

Giving the students the knowledge to know essential government services, acquisition of essential government documents (SSS ID, Philippine Passport, NBI Clearance, etc.), and basic civic responsibilities will help them equip themselves earlier than the common practice to be ready and prevent them the dread of filing themselves on a long line, wasting precious time and energy.

Also, teaching how each government departments and sections do their jobs and function can help them better understand what the government is doing, and promote patriotism inside them. Letting them know early on what the Congress are doing, their job and responsibilities, the Executive Department's role in the government, as well as the function of the Judiciary, will help them understand the Bureaucracy and the complexity of how a country and politics work. And prevent mistakes and regrets in voting for electoral positions too.

Basic Personal Finance

Ask a student in College or even at a Senior High class this, "Who wants to get rich!?" And expect that all of them will raise their hands. Now ask this next question, "Who knows how to get rich!?" and expect a small number of students who have an idea. But don't be surprised if the answer you will get will be these: "Employment", "Working Abroad", "Corruption." Now that escalated quickly.

You see, a lot of Filipinos want to get rich, but don't know how. What they lack is Financial Literature. Saving money is good and all, but that won't bring you anywhere. What most financial advisers on the internet will tell you is that one of the best ways to earn money and let your money work for you is through investment.

If students know this kind of knowledge early on, then their dream of letting their parents enjoy their life as a payment for what they have done for them will be closer than expected. Plus, making students financial literate by learning how to read financial statements, basic investing, insurance, and balancing an everyday budget, can make a difference. Also, the good side of the country is that it will boost it's economy even just a little every year. That means more money for the government too.

Employment 101

Most college graduates don't even know how to keep up with the current trend on making a good resume. As an HR practitioner, resumes can mean a quick life and death situation. Meaning, a quick look at the resume can be your only ticket to achieving your dream.

Now, let us say that you have a good resume, but do you have the confidence to speak up during the interview. We all have faced it. The dread of you stuttering your words and making wrong words go out of your lips. The sweaty armpits due to the stress and emotional roller coaster ride during your very own miss universe question and answer portion. And the most frightening question is, "Tell me something about yourself."

Teaching and practicing the students during their stay in school can help them overcome this. Sure, college professor and some college subject teach them this before they take their internship, but still, a lot of fresh graduates fail in this. Integrating this specific knowledge and learning skill to the students can arm them a lot of bullets to confidently answer the questions with a heart.

Drivers, Driving and Pedestrian Etiquette

Most Filipino lack this because of culture and can be one of the Filipino habits that will go out. But weeding out bad culture early on and teaching students how to drive, about driving, and road and pedestrian etiquette can mean a lot of things. They can be more disciplined, and fewer road accidents will happen if the government would invest in this kind of curriculum.

Long post short, these life skills are necessary but are often left out. Taken for granted. If the government would put a lot more effort on polishing their student's life, then they will be prepared in life and would not get lost in the process due to failures and fear. And helping the education system ever evolving and keeping up to date with all the changes can bring about more educated people in the country, preventing costly mistakes and being an efficient and effective working member of the society.