Importance of Having a Wide Variety of Knowledge and Skills

Jack of all trades and master of none. Sounds like it is a real tough line. For me, it is also important to master at least one of the fields needed in this modern life to be a jack of all trades; or to be able to at least know the basic of one skill to another to be as such. However, with all that being said, it all boils down to one thing: If you wanted to survive and succeed your goals in life, having a wide variety of skills set and higher than an average knowledge base, you can survive in this ever changing, forever rotating world of ours.

Lugh, the Celtic sun god and jack-of-all-trades trickster.

So what is the importance of having these kinds of knowledge and skills? Let me tell you, as one who thirst every day for knowledge and an additional skill, aiming to be better than who I am yesterday, this is my view of the importance of this trait.

1.) Adaptability and Flexibility

As someone who knows a lot of things, you are able to take a wide variety of jobs and can function well in different situations. Your expanse knowledge base can make you work wonders. You may not be a superstar in something, but you can fit in every situation and can come out of the challenges and hurdles easily. You can apply that knowledge and skills that you are hiding in your arsenal, to make jobs easier.

When opportunities arise, being an adaptable and flexible one the most, you can cut the long line and be seen immediately by people who need the skill set you have. Different fields have different problems arises with a definitive kind requiring a different approach than what is considered normal. Essentially, if you are looking for a job, most people require applicants to be adaptable and flexible, another reason why you need to have different skills and knowledge.

2.) A Great Thirst for Learning

Being a Jack of All Trades, one cannot be content with just learning one thing. Your thirst for knowledge gives you the best skill which most successful people have: The ability to learn. As for my experience, I started learning first how to write a good content for a blog, and trust me, I still have a lot to learn. Then the next thing I know, I began writing on different platforms, from creating stories and novels on different writing community to writing bills as a job for a Congressman. And from blogging, I learned how to code for my blog, and then, began to read codes easily and to at least create a small set of codes.

In a sense, learning different things efficiently so you can be good enough at whatever you choose. And when a problem arises, you will know how to approach it and finish the job. In modern life's question, it is not how fast you go to the finish line, it is getting there still in one piece and still have a lot of time to tidy yourself up.

3.) Affinity to be a Great Leader

A great leader is somewhat, someone who knows how to deal with different kinds of situation. He can communicate with different people. Be able to solve things that others can't, and most of all, he can be adaptable to being someone who delegates and someone to work with, with ease. And leaders can be a natural born talent. Or with persistence and thirst for knowledge, someone that can be made inside each of us. With a natural thirst for knowledge and expanding its reach to empower and inspire other people, leaders are sometimes seen as someone who is a jack of all trades in a sort of way, because of how they can do things differently.

Having a wide variety of skills and knowledge can mean the success of your business, or your very own life whatever field you choose for your future.

4,) Confidence Builder

In a society where smart shaming can be found in every nook and corner in the streets, having invested for yourself to get what you needed to survive, smart shaming can be seen as a compliment, especially if you know that you can trust your

skills and abilities you worked so hard for. Giving you confidence in every situation. Confidence plays a great role in our professional and social life. Too great that it can either make you or break you as a person. With just the right confidence given to you by your perseverance to learn, you can approach any kind of work without hesitation.

With a variety of things you can do and know, you could always gain confidence at what you do. And if you know what you are doing it can give you a constant boost of confidence to help you break out of the chains of normality.

5.) Spices up Your Life

Diversity is an Intellectual playground that Breeds Confidence Instead Fear of the Unknown. A Jack of all Trades maximizes his experiences in life and pursues the enjoyment of excellence unrelated to material gain, all the while finding a position he is truly uniquely suited to dominate. He is someone who is like a food that looks plain enough, but bombs of spices and flavors explode inside your mouth when someone fully tapped his full potential.

In the end, a Jack of All Trade can be a Master of Any, given enough time with their progress, slow or fast. In this modern day world, Specialists and people who look for one often confuses "master" with "perfect". A specialist can be the first man standing. But the person who has a wide variety of knowledge and skill will always be the last man standing.