3 Improvement Techniques to See Yourself in a New Light

Humans are a species that is capable of most improvement on planet Earth. We are not the same person as we are in the past. We are always changing, growing and adapting. Even if you don't feel it happening. Some people are fine with being a "good-enough" person. Is it fine to stay as a pretty good person? If not, then why are settling for a mediocre and okay lifestyle? If you want yourself to be better, it's time to re-energize and see yourself in new life.

How people see us has a lot to do with our thoughts, judgments, and self-improvement. How we treat other people also reflects us on how we put self-love in our life. In today's world, it is easy to become stagnant and unmotivated. But things like these are within your control You have to do it in the end. See, I was once this kind of person and I paid the consequences until I tried to improve myself. See myself in a new light, and, it gave me the confidence to face different kinds of hardships.

Though it is in my social life and in my studies. Regardless of your current situation, you can always improve.

Spend Less Time Comparing & Competing, More on Improvement

I remembered an old quote from my high school life. "There is no cure for insecurities." During that time, such phrase can be used as a slur. But in reality, the cure for insecurities referred to as improvement and maturity. Improvement and maturity are two big words that are easy to say, but hard to do. I know, I am still in a constant move for my self-improvement. We all know that as we improve, we become confident. The more confident we are in life, the less time we started to compare ourselves to other people. And when we accept things after a good amount of thinking, we become mature. Thus, by becoming mature, we start to stop competing with other people. It's less stressful that way. We'll be more happy for ourselves. And we can put more love into our own personality and body.

See What You Have Done Vs. What You Have Not Done

There is only what if that we should regret in life. And that is what we call "what if I have not done that?"
We all know that regret is one of the pains in life that we always face. We regret not loving the person, and we only realized that when they are gone. There is a lot of regret in life. Do not add more of it to your system. Instead of thinking, "what if I do that?", then think "I should do that" and if it doesn't go well, then think "At least I have tried and have given my best effort".
Sure, you can regret it. But the most important thing is that you experienced it first-hand. You know what to do and what not to do on that occasion. You have livened every moment of that time. Failure or success, what matters most in that part is we tried, given our best, and seen the result.

Approach Life with a Curious Mind for Improvement

One of the perks of being an introverted writer who loves to watch anime? It is that we learn new things each day. To the point that we are curious as to did that character acted that way. Or why is there people believing the flat earth theory or whatnot?

Be curious. Read more and learn more. We don't have to know everything. Nobody is perfect and can achieve to be a walking library.

Humans are allowed to make mistakes, even fall many times over. But the most important thing, to approach life with an open and curious mind. It allows us to live life in a state of flow instead of defensiveness. It gives us improvement for a long-term goal. Making us wise and mindful of our judgments and has better self-control over thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Seeing yourself in a new light can affect your thought patterns. It is a challenge that everyone should face and conquer. It hard, but exciting. Doing actions like this cannot be achieved overnight. This is a lifestyle change that takes mindful intention and control, and hard work every day.
When achieved, you will be able to experience the benefits that come from allowing yourself to shine, flaw and imperfections included.